Fabrie Write is your AI-powered research assistant for designers

What is Fabrie Write?

Ideas and concepts form the foundation of any design workflow. Words, mindmaps, and charts are tools that allow designers to create their mood board, letting them communicate their design concept clearly. Our aim at Fabrie is to make designers’ workflow as seamless as possible, and taking away the tedious part of organizing your words and thoughts is why we created Fabrie Write, so you can focus on doing what you love most – crafting stunning designs!

Not only can Fabrie Write generate words and copy-based content such as mind maps and SWOT analysis, it can also help you do research and spark inspiration if you ever find your creative juices running dry, and assist in copywriting and formatting. Fabrie Write seamlessly integrates into your workspace, streamlining your research and content creation while keeping your design process undisturbed. Consider it your trusty sidekick, boosting productivity and fast-tracking your creativity!

Kickstarting creativity with Fabrie Write

Creativity doesn’t just appear from nothingness – research is often an important starting point. Say you are in charge of the external design of a new pair of headphones, one of the first things you could do is to create a mindmap of the factors you need to consider. By simply clicking on the Fabrie Write icon at the bottom of your canvas and keying in a suitable prompt, your AI sidekick will instantly generate a suitable mindmap. From there, you can add, edit, remove nodes manually according to your needs.

It’s simple to generate mind maps with Fabrie Write

Taking advantage of Fabrie’s advanced database tools, Fabrie Write can also generate useful tables for your project. A prompt like “Mechanical keyboard layouts, with name, number of keys, and key advantages” will give you a table that lists out keyboard layouts like “Full size, tenkeyless, compact”, starting you off on your journey to create the next kickass gaming keyboard.

Fabrie Write helps to generate tables as well

This are just some of the many ways Fabrie Write can get your started. Aside from mind maps, designers can generate a SWOT Analysis, generate Pros and Cons, Tables, or simply answer questions for you – all done with text prompts.

Chat with documents

One of Fabre Write’s latest features is its ability to “chat” with documents. When you upload a DOC or PDF file, Fabrie Write use the file’s content to give it more context. When this is combined with the powerful reasoning engine, the designer will be able to maximize the AI’s ability to output more useful content.

Say, for example, you have a file that outlines some possible fashion trends in 2024. Normally, you would have to open the file, find the relevant sections you want to utilize, and perhaps run that section through AI to get some insights. With Fabrie Write, you just upload the file, and ask “Tell me what data and insights are used in this PDF”. It’s that simple!

You think outside of the box, let Fabrie Write think inside of it

While you focus on new ideas and demonstrating your creativity, let Fabrie Write do the work of refining what you’ve written. By simply selecting a textbox and clicking on the purple AI button, you can quickly summarize, translate, rewrite, and even create an image based on your description.

Fabrie Write takes care of copywriting

With Fabrie Write, doing research, brainstorming, and copywriting can now all be done with prompts and a few clicks. With an AI that can generate useful tables, contextually interact with your writing, designers are now working in an intelligent canvas with a 24/7 research assistant. Fabrie Write is available in beta now — Try it for free today with your Fabrie account here.