Fabrie Imagine, a powerful AI tool that fast-tracks creativity

Fabrie Imagine. It’s an in-built AI tool designed to effortlessly bring your design ideas to life through simple prompts. With just a starting image, a prompt, and a few clicks, Fabrie Imagine swiftly generates stunning visuals right within the whiteboard canvas.

We understand the struggle of juggling multiple AI apps to stay creative. That’s why we created Fabrie Imagine, which allows AI design iteration to happen directly on a whiteboard – aligned with our vision to create a seamless workflow for designers. Visualize ideas, manage iterations, and streamline your design process all in one place. It’s perfect for quickly rendering and organizing multiple iterations.

Design iteration made easy with Fabrie Imagine

How to use Fabrie Imagine?

Starting with Fabrie Imagine is incredibly easy. Simply upload your pencil sketches, 3D models, or images directly to the tool interface. Then, choose a rendering style from the five base models available: realistic product, 3D, human portrait, anime-styled, and architecture rendering.

Next, add a text prompt to describe your desired outcomes. Fabrie Imagine will work its magic and generate four AI renders based on your input. If necessary, you can refine these renders by putting them back into the tool. It’s a seamless process that empowers you to bring your creative visions to life effortlessly.

Fabrie Imagine works like magic

What’s new and cool about Fabrie Imagine?

Fabrie Imagine is always evolving to make your experience better. We continuously work on making it more intuitive and powerful, which is why we regularly release updates to improve its features. In our recent updates, we’ve introduced some exciting improvements that you won’t want to miss out on!

  1. Drag and drop capabilities: Now, it’s easier than ever to interact with the tool. Simply “drag and drop” your reference inputs, like sketches, 3D models, or images, directly into the interface. This small but impactful quality of life update saves you precious time and makes the whole process much more intuitive. Experience improved work fluidity and efficiency with this user-friendly enhancement.
  2. “Styles” for extra design characteristics: Fabrie Imagine’s “Styles” option now includes support from LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) models, adding unique details and flavors to your renders. Choose from 32 presets for product design, fashion, architecture, and interior design, ranging from simple sketches to sci-fi moods. Mix up to five styles, adjusting their “weights” for the perfect look. Our style library is continuously updated based on contributions from our Fabrie community.
  3. “Advanced settings” to enhance image generation capabilities: This new feature empowers experienced users to fine-tune parameters such as “negative prompt” (to exclude specific elements from the final rendered image) or adjust the level of resemblance to the reference image versus the prompt command entered. This gives you even greater control over the minor details in your iterations.
  4. Notable features: Fabrie Imagine also offers AI-powered background removal, upscaling low-quality images to HD graphics, and extracting text from images. These handy tools increase efficiency for designers in realizing their concepts and ideas, allowing you to cut your workload and achieve remarkable results.
Use “Styles” for extra design characteristics
Notable features: image background removal

Check out the video below to see some of these features in action.

Fabrie’s main goal is to enhance designers’ workflow efficiency. We value user feedback and continuously improve our features. Join our Discord community to share comments and suggestions. Expect exciting developments in the coming months!